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Canford S45 and C22 packs

What is it?A pair of multi-colour windshield packs designed to fit a broad range of models from the leading microphone manufacturers. DetailsProduced for Canford by a major European manufacturer, the windshields are made from reticulated PU-polyester foam and all are roughly egg-shaped externally, with an interior profile shaped to accurately fit specific microphone models. Windshields designed for cylindrical microphones have longer and slightly smaller bores than other leading makes to try prevent them falling off in use. The designs for spherical head mics have a ‘scooped-out’ interior which requires the windshields to be stretched to fit over the mic head but obviating the need for a collar strap. The windshields can be regularly washed for hygiene purposes providing they are fully dry before use. C22 and S45 are supplied as multic-oloured packs of five in black, red, blue, green and yelow. The C22 pack is designed to fit cylindrical microphones such as MB’s C603, C648 and C660 models, the Beyerdynamic M201, Sennheiser MKH30/MKH50 and Calrec 1000/2000 series. Windshields in the S45 pack are for spherical microphones including the Shure SM58, SM87 and 588SD, Audio-Technica Pro22A and Pro10HE and AKG D310, D320, D321, D80 and D90 models. Canford also produces individual windshield for a broad range of other cylindrical and spherical microphones.