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Canford announces its largest ever catalogue

Canford has announced the publication of the 2010 edition of its catalogue, The Source. The largest catalogue in Canford's history contains over 4,300 new products and two complete new product chapters, while the online version has also been updated.

Canford has announced the publication of the 2010 edition of its catalogue, The Source. Canford’s largest-ever catalogue contains over 4,300 new products and two complete new product chapters, with each chapter featuring hundreds of new additions covering ‘Fibre Optic Cables, Connectors & Interfaces’ and ‘IT Accessories & Media’.

In addition to thousands of completely new products, Canford is also announcing the latest versions and additions to existing products and ranges. The Canford website (The Source Online, via link below) has been fully updated to match and has a new Google-powered search facility for easier access to product descriptions and technical information, along with recently-added ‘next’ and ‘previous’ product buttons. All new product launches from now will take place via The Source Online, enabling immediate access to new development, although the paper edition will also continue to be published regularly.

The 2010 edition of The Source has been published and should be arriving on desks now (unless any copies have been delayed by clouds of volcanic ash, that is!). In parallel with the physical catalogue, The Source Online has been redeveloped to make it a much more immediate, easy-to-use reference tool, and now offers a new Google-powered site search facility.
 Dave Holloway, Canford’s sales & marketing director, said: “This is our widest offering ever. The two new chapters covering IT accessories and fibre optics, when taken in the context of the convergence within the industry, have provided the opportunity to introduce completely new ranges of products to meet the needs of customers at the cutting edge of the pro-audio and broadcast sectors. So their addition is as much about where our industry is heading as new products in new markets.” The IT accessories range includes wireless routers, external hard disk drives, KVM switches, graphics adapters, audio and video interfaces, mice and keyboards. The memory and media comes from the likes of Duracell, Dane-Elec, E-Films, Hoodman, Verbatim, Transcend, Fuji and HHB. Meanwhile, the fibre optics chapter includes products by Neutrik, Mini5 and Fibreco, among others. Holloway added: “It became imperative when customers we deal with on a daily basis started to use ‘fibre’ into audio desks and not just for use with ‘audio for video’ but for dedicated audio desks. We know of several companies already well down this route and we can now supply panels, connectors, couplers, cable, patchcords and more for them to employ in the signal path.” Canford’s manufacturing division has also contributed to the new product launches, as evidenced by the Wireless Tecpro system, which can interface with the wired Tecpro system. There has also been a redesign of the analogue audio installation cables; the new D’n’A cable range has been reworked to provide a true 100ohm impedance making the cables perfect for digital (D)as well as analogue (A) signals. The FSM multicores from two pair right through to 32 pair versions are all now optimised for digital as well as analogue, and all come in standard and Low Fire Hazard (LFH) versions. The FSJ (Foil Screened Individually Jacketed) range of multicores cables from four pair to 24 pair, also come in the new design. The FST range, FST-F, the flexible version, FST-HD and FST-HD-LFH, the Heavy Duty versions and FST-M the miniature versions are all part of the D’n’A range, too, along with their KST and KST-M cables. There have also been additions to Canford’s audio and video interconnection items, produced at the company’s manufacturing plant in Dorset. These include floor and wallboxes, flush-mounting audio panels, stage boxes and outside broadcast breakout boxes accommodating a range of multipin connectors, including MIL26, MIL41, Tourline 25, Tourline 37 and Tourline 54. There is also a range of panels for 3Gb/s HD video and accompanying audio, along with a range of specialist panels intended for OB vehicles.
 Via its distribution arm, Canford has also added ranges of products including the Voice Technologies line of Swiss-manufactured miniature broadcast mics, among them a version that can be completely immersed in water and still function perfectly. New amps from QSC, cables from Draka and Belden, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 Surround mic arrays from Holophone have all been introduced, along with the latest items from Shure, Beyer, Sennheiser and Trantec.