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Calrec launches Audio Networking Primer

Following the success of its 2011 Audio Primer, Calrec has begun work on a second resource for audio engineers, the Audio Networking Primer.

When Calrec published its Audio Primer booklet in 2011, it was picked up as a training resource by further education colleges, the IABM and several broadcasters. It also prompted a request for a second primer, which Calrec has already begun work on: the Audio Networking Primer. “Given the hugely significant shift towards networks in the last few years, and the increasing emphasis on network protocols which we are seeing in broadcast infrastructures, we thought it would be timely to write a similar Primer on networking, designed for engineers to give an overview of the technology, terminology and developments happening right now,” said Henry Goodman, Calrec’s head of sales and marketing. The primer covers a lot of ground, beginning with the development of networks and applications and goes on to explain the pros and cons of different OSI layers, interoperability, AVB and Ravenna, access rights, third party control, video and comms integration and production automation. Sections of the Audio Networking Primer are already online at, and the company hopes to have a bound copy available as a free giveaway in time for NAB in April. “Networking technologies are developing at such a rapid rate this Primer can only ever provide a snapshot of what is possible,” added Goodman. “It will provide a lot of background information to frame how far along this road we are, and to help provide a clue to where we are going. Network technology is developing so quickly, and broadcast audio people will be expected to keep up to speed with developments.”