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Cadac’s US expectations for CDC eight

Introducing a compact digital console to the American market for the first time, Cadac contemplates future features for theatre sound designers.

The American theatre sound industry will get a glimpse of the new Cadac CDC eight console at the Abe Burrows Theatre at NYU in New York City this weekend (19-20 May). The demonstration is part of the Live Design Broadway Sound Master Classes.

While the recent launch of the CDC eight has focused on the console’s role in spearheading Cadac’s move into the wider sound touring and installation sectors, these demos are specifically in the sector where Cadac forged its reputation: in the theatre.

The CDC eight is a vastly different offering to what theatre sound designers have been accustomed to from Cadac, but retaining the pedigree (particularly features and sound quality) of the legendary J-Type.

In addition, Cadac has announced that there is an ongoing, dedicated theatre sound development programme for the CDC eight, created to include the integration of the new platform with arguably the world’s most powerful theatre sound design software, SAM, which was developed for an analogue Cadac console design.

Despite a compact footprint, the CDC eight offers up to 128 input channels that can be expanded to a potential 256 by summing two inputs together via the input selection. Additionally, there are 40 configurable output busses which can be programmed as groups or matrixes, and 16 internal VCA groups.

A “high agility” user interface features two 24 inch 16:10 HD touch-screen control surfaces, and a third smaller LCD touch-screen dedicated to system control and automation.

CADAC senior development manager Peter Hearl, commented on possible future features of the CDC eight: “The theatre development programme for the desk is addressing a number of issues and applications, including looking to the potential compatibility of the CDC eight with the J-Type SAM theatre automation software, enabling the recall of all SAM settings on the new console. The programme objective is to make the CDC eight a great CADAC theatre sound desk.”