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Cadac CDC Eight

Live digital desk

What is it?A flagship digital live production console designed for high-end touring sound and fixed installation applications. DetailsThe CDC Eight incorporates what Cadac describes as a “high agility” user interface, accessed via dual 24” 16:10 high-definition LCD touch screens and an additional central 6” LCD touch screen to provide system control and automation. The console is said to offer a high I/O count for a desk at this price point, with 128 input channels (expandable to 256) and two frame sizes offering 16 or 32 faders, plus 48 outputs as standard. Designed around Cadac’s latest-generation proprietary DSP mix platform the desk’s processing power is delivered by sixteen 32/40-bit floating-point SHARC processors. The design is said to offer a wide dynamic range, low-noise mic pre-amp circuitry, specially-developed, ultra-low distortion EQ filters and analogue emulating compressor algorithms with 24-bit/96 kHz Delta-Sigma AD/DA converters and advanced EQ algorithm using “proportional-Q” techniques.