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British tenor Alfie Boe touring with Soundcraft, Shure

PA hire company CS Audio has deployed Soundcraft Vi and Si consoles for Alfie Boe’s sold-out UK tour while Shure’s KSM9 mic reprises vocal duties.

Best-selling tenor Alfie Boe is currently touring the UK accompanied with a full orchestra and choir – though not always performing with them. In order to handle the variety of performances, PA hire company CS Audio has chosen Soundcraft’s Vi4 or Vi6 to mix 64 channels of audio at the front of house position, with a Vi1 for monitor use and an Si Compact 24 used to sub-mix the choir. “Having the combination of consoles can really provide us with diversity. When we are in theatres with only Alfie we are able to use the Vi1 and then the Vi4 if the orchestra and choir are added. It’s great to have a system where we have an existing show file which is compatible between all surfaces and we are able to expand it according to the venue and input count, all while maintaining the same sonic characteristics throughout,” explained Paul Hatt (pictured), managing director of CS Audio and monitor engineer for Alfie Boe. In addition to the Soundcraft consoles, Alfie is once again touring with a Shure KSM9 microphone and UHF-R wireless system. As previously reported in PSNE, Boe switched microphones this summer and was “delighted to have found the Shure KSM9.”

Boe added: “Thanks to the Shure PSM900 system I can now hear my mix with perfect clarity. The sound quality is awesome, love Shure.”