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BlackBox Recorder goes live at Royal Festival Hall

JoeCo’s BlackBox Recorder was used at a recent live performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall in London, writes Paul Watson.

JoeCoe’s BlackBox Recorder was used to add electronic tracks to The Video Game Heroes concert, which was recently held at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Featuring the London Philarmonic Orchestra, the event celebrated the very best of video game music, and was part of the Vision Sound Music Festival – the UK’s first festival of music for visuals.

Project programmer, Chris White, prepared the tracks for the live performance, and was also accountable for triggering the tracks, on cue, during the actual performance. The BlackBox was situated by the monitor console, with feeds from the recorder going into the console. From there, click tracks were sent to the conductor and other relevant performers, while backing track stems went to the FOH desk to be mixed with the orchestral channels.
 “The things that I immediately liked about the BlackBox were the fact that the screen was so bright and simple, and the unit was so compact,” says White. “We were initially going to have a lot of stems running on separate tracks but were worried about the number of inputs on the Royal Festival Hall’s FOH desk – the orchestra were close mic’d, so the desks were pretty full. We decided to keep it simple and for most items we only had a few stereo stems, plus click. The backing tracks themselves were stored in the session folder on my Glyph drive and came up in the order they were to be played.” 
 JoeCo Limited recently appointed Mega Audio GmbH as its new distributor for Germany and Austria. The Bingen-based distribution company adds the BlackBox Recorder/Player range to an established portfolio of pro audio and live sound products. “We have been looking around for quite some time to find a high quality live sound recorder which complements our portfolio of professional live sound and studio products,” says Mega Audio managing director, Burkhard Elsner. “I am delighted that JoeCo has appointed us as their distributor for Austria and Germany. The BBRs are great machines which will enjoy a favourable standing in our markets and we are already experiencing a high demand from our clients.” JoeCo Limited has also announced a major software update for its award-winning BlackBox Recorder series. Version 2.2 contains a number of features designed to give the user greater working efficiency and includes many benefits inherited from the development of the BlackBox BBR64-MADI and Dante Recorders. These include enhancements to the underlying bespoke operating system alongside improved methods of displaying critical information to the user whilst maintaining the conceptual simplicity of the user interface.