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Beyond the preview: More in store at NAMM

PSNEurope couldn’t possibly fit everything into our January NAMM 2013 preview, so here’s another helping of what’s to come in Anaheim.

Less than two weeks remain until the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) big show in Anaheim, California on 24-27 January. PSNEurope has already covered a host of NAMM events and product launches in the January issue, but there are many more to look forward to. In total, NAMM has scheduled 10 stages with 150 live music acts, award shows, teen band competitions, hands-on music making and more.
“Live music is an integral part of our industry, and something our members are passionate about,” said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM. “There is no better way for us to celebrate the gathering of the industry tribes at NAMM than with the best concerts and performances found anywhere. The tricky part is how to see it all!” A full list of concerts is available online, or via the NAMM Show mobile app. Among the countless booths at NAMM this year is the MIDI Manufacturers Association’s special exhibit in honour of MIDI’s 30th anniversary, part of a year-long celebration planned for the Musical Instrument Digital Interface. The MMA will also be participating in the NAMM Show’s “Hands-On Training (HOT) Zone,” demonstrating how MIDI technology has impacted how people play, create, and learn about music. Meyer Sound will also be celebrating; the company’s HD-1 high definition studio monitor has been announced as a 2012 TECnology Hall of Fame inductee by the TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio. The ceremony will be held on January 26 during NAMM. The HD-1 was launched by Meyer Sound in 1989. The original prototype, developed years earlier, was created as an ultra-linear testing device to be used in-house for evaluating instrumentation microphones. When news about the HD-1 reached Roger Nichols, legendary recording engineer best known for his work with Steely Dan, Nichols asked John Meyer to develop and release it as a studio monitoring product. Nichols first used the HD-1 on recording sessions for Rickie Lee Jones’s Flying Cowboys. Product-wise, Telefunken will launch its new M82 dynamic cardioid microphone, which the company said is ‘designed to provide a superior alternative to familiar kick drum large diaphragm dynamic microphones.’ The M82 is an end-address microphone, and features two separate EQ switches: KICK EQ and HIGH BOOST. These two switches function independently of each other, providing four unique settings. The KICK EQ switch engages a passive filter that reduces some of the lower mid-range frequencies (centered around 350Hz) commonly cut when processing a kick drum. This helps to keep the kick drum from sounding “boxy” and allows the low end to remain strong. This particular setting is tailored specifically for kick drum use.

The HIGH BOOST switch tilts the upper mid-range and high frequencies (starting around 2kHz with a 6dB boost by 10kHz). For kick drum use, this allows for more beater attack when placed inside a kick drum. This gives the option of either a vintage-style kick drum sound, or a more modern sound. For a source such as vocals or guitar amps, the high boost provides further articulation and airiness in the upper register. Another new microphone making its debut is DPA’s d:facto II vocal microphone. This latest addition to the d:facto line can be used with the new wired DPA handle, as well as the added benefit of an adapter system, which allows for seamless integration with popular existing wireless systems such as Sony, Lectrosonics, Shure, Wisycom and Sennheiser.

The d:facto II provides improved audio performance as it is linear in frequency and phase, both on- and off-axis, while its definition and accuracy reproduces a singer’s voice effortlessly. The cabled version of the d:facto II, as well as the adapters for Shure, Sony, Lectrosonics and Wisycom, will be available in February 2013. The adapters for the Sennheiser systems will be available in March 2013. Elsewhere on the show floor, Grundorf Corporation will introduce the new Grundorf ABS Series professional amp racks. Designed to house everything from amps, processors, patchbays, and more, these versatile, lightweight, rugged transport cases provide robust protection for one’s valuable electronics and are ideal for musicians and DJ’s and also make an outstanding choice for house of worship, corporate AV centers, and educational applications. Available in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-space configurations, the new Grundorf ABS Series professional amp racks are manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight ABS material and utilize a 3 mm thickness high density ABS shell with a heavy duty aluminum extrusion to ensure robust protection for years of use. All models feature a contemporary, professional black textured finish that is easy to clean and maintain. Of particular importance, these cases have gasket-fitted front and rear lids—each with a 2.25-inch inside depth— to protect one’s equipment from moisture and dirt. Celestion will be announcing the launch of five additions to its loudspeaker and compression driver range. The new products are: two premium-cast aluminium 18” sub-bass loudspeakers (the CF1830E and CF1840JD, pictured); a 6-inch, pressed steel mid/bass unit for compact cabinets (TF0615); a large-format, 2-inch exit high-end ferrite magnet compression driver for touring sound applications (CDX20-3075); and the entry-level 1” exit low-profile compression driver (CDX1-1010).
JoeCo’s latest software update for the BlackBox brings several new features and enhancements to the multi-channel live audio recorder/player series.
With version 2.2.7x, both the BlackBox Recorder and the BlackBox Player now support the replay of polyphonic WAV files, from multiple stereo files up to 24 or even 64-channel PolyWAV files. Mono, stereo and multichannel files can even be used together in the same song massively enhancing the system’s flexibility. The ability to import polyphonic wav files from a DAW has also brought BlackBox Player capability to JoeCo’s 64-channel MADI and Dante systems Symetrix has annoucned the release of the cost-effective SymNet xIn 12 and xOut 12. These products increase a system’s analogue input or output channel capacity resulting in a reduction in overall price per channel. Designed exclusively for use with SymNet Edge and Radius DSP units, each of the twelve studio-grade analog inputs’ and each of the twelve studio-grade outputs, along with bus assignments, are configured using SymNet Composer open architecture software.
Holophone, developer of multi-channel surround sound microphones, and Quantum5X, creator of professional broadcast quality wireless audio solutions, have joined forces to launch the first of three upcoming single channel wireless systems, featuring Holophone’s new customisable handheld Super C supercardioid condenser mic. Holophone’s new single channel microphones feature the same proprietary capsule design employed in the company’s acclaimed surround sound mics such as the award-winning H2-PRO. Finally, Hannay Reels will exhibit AV Series portable cable storage reels for broadcast, pro audio and communications application. Constructed from steel and aluminum the AV Series is stackable, with frame clips and side mounted connector panels. Reels are coated with a black non-reflective matte finish and offer optional heavy-duty caster wheel for greater accessibility. Visitors can register to win an AVC16-10-11-DE portable cable reel, designed to manage cable where long lengths are played out over a large area. The reel comes equipped with a crank handle permanently attached to the disc and a cam-lock drag device.