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Beyond the preview: ISE 2013

This year's 10th anniversary edition of Integrated Systems Europe is adding another hall's worth of exhibitors. So PSNEurope is taking a second look at what's coming up in Amsterdam.

This year’s show is so big we couldn’t fit everything into our ISE 2013 preview. Here are some more companies with new products on display at the RAI: JBL Professional will be exhibiting its newly developed AWC Series of compact, all-weather loudspeaker systems, designed to suit applications including racetracks, school stadia, theme parks, fairgrounds, skating rinks, swimming facilities and arenas. The AWC82 is an eight-inch, two-way coaxial speaker with compression-driver high frequency, wide 120 x 120º coverage, and 250 Watts power handling. The AWC129 is a 12-inch, two-way coaxial speaker, also with compression-driver high frequency, focused 90 x 90º coverage and 400 Watts of power handling. Both speakers can be operated as direct low-impedance (8 ohm) or on a 70V or 100V distributed line via built-in 200 Watt low-saturation, multi-tap transformers.
German loudspeaker manufacturer Fohhn Audio is presenting its Focus series of electronically steerable line array systems, which includes the Linea Focus LFI-120 – LFI-450 family of 1.2m to 4.5m loudspeakers and the Focus Modular series, which comprises the FM/I-100 and FM/110 high frequency modules and the FM/I-400 low-mid/full range module. Fohhn is also launching its new Linea LX-220 high performance hybrid line source loudspeaker system, which features two-way speaker technology based on the design of the company’s LX-100 and LX-150 loudspeakers. MXL, the pro audio division of Marshall Electronics, will showcase its latest series of microphones for professional applications, like web and video conferencing. The metal constructed AC-400 is said to improve sound quality during conference calls, telepresence and cloud-based video conferencing. The company says the AC-400’s capsule has been used with voice recognition and transcription software for the medical and legal industries. The MXL AC-400 is a 15in gooseneck microphone with a USB port, headphone jack and mute button. It can be used by an individual or in a conference room, where it can be connected to up to three AC-40EXT microphones for group conferences. Also on show will be the AC-404 boundary microphone for business and personal web conferencing. The AC-404 is outfitted with custom circuitry to produce intelligible, professional sounding web conference calls and recordings. The microphone is currently being used by government agencies and companies in all industries who conduct long-distance meetings on web-based teleconferencing services. A new weatherproof breakout box for the Technomad PowerChiton series of passively cooled, IP-66 rated weatherproof amplifier modules will be display at ISE. The compact and low profile of PowerChiton amplifier modules – available in four power levels up to 1600 watts – enables sound contractors to install the modules on light poles and other surfaces at any height for co-location with loudspeakers. The new PowerChiton breakout box enables local audio control at user-friendly locations in the same NEMA-style protective enclosure. Contractors can install the breakout box at eye level, allowing end users to adjust volume and connect devices on the fly. In addition, the Technomad PowerChiton amplifier modules now support Apple AirPlay capability for AirPort Express users. This allows commercial and residential customers to wirelessly stream iTunes audio files and playlists to an AirPort Express unit within a PowerChiton amplifier or breakout box, reducing costs and infrastructure associated with traditional wiring and cabling.