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beyerdynamic T 90P

Stereo headphones

What is it?The latest model in beyerdynamic’s T Series stereo headphones incorporating Tesla technology. DetailsThe T 90P is designed to offer a “hi-end audiophile listening experience” while the microfibre-lined velvet headband and ear-pads deliver maximum comfort during extended periods of use. Features include an open circumaural cup design, 250 ohm impedance and the latest generation Tesla transducer technology said to provide rich detail and “impeccable” sound quality. T 90P ’phones offer improved efficiency and extremely low distortion, the closed cup design eliminating ambient noise, even at low volume, while the all-metal sound transducers with neodymium annular magnet assemblies ensure maximum performance and improved sound reproduction. T 90P headphones are equipped with a single-sided cable and are supplied with a soft leatherette case plus a 6.35 mm adapter. And another thing…According to beyerdynamic, Tesla technology delivers twice the output level of conventional headphone drivers for the same input level.