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Beyerdynamic M 59

What is it?
A dynamic vocal microphone designed for studio or location ENG/EFP speech and interview applications.

The M 59 offers a hypercardioid pickup response from its low-mass, large diaphragm capsule employing an enhanced-field magnet for high output and sensitivity. It delivers a fast transient response and a tailored 50Hz -16kHz frequency response at 3mV/Pa sensitivity and a load impedance of 1k ohms. According to Beyer, the design provides excellent off-axis rejection: rear attenuation at 1kHz is quoted as >25dB at 120°. It also incorporates an internal shock-mount isolation system designed to reduce noise, both handheld and from the range of available mounting options – stand, boom or gooseneck. Wind and pop noises are filtered by an internal multistage blast filter – though an external, large-cell windscreen is also available as an optional extra. The M 59 is housed in an aluminium body and can be supplied with a on/off switch as the M 59 S.