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Better networking with SoundBetter

Former Waves Audio staffer Shachar Gilad wants to help audio professionals find work through a new online platform.

SoundBetter is a new online portal connecting musicians with audio engineers. It launched in London in early February following successful events in Berlin and New York.

SoundBetter enables audio professionals, from bedroom producers to large-scale studios, to market their services based on the popular ‘freemium’ model (a basic account is free, with paid-for upgrades available), and allows musicians to easily find an engineer based on a range of criteria including specialty, budget, genre, credits, reviews and location.
“Until today there hasn’t really been a place for audio engineers to solicit for more work other than word of mouth or maybe sometimes Gumtree or building their own websites, which is quite a lot of work,” said SoundBetter founder Shachar Gilad (pictured), previously from Waves Audio and Apple Inc.

“We want to get to the point where if anybody is looking for an audio professional, they know this is where they need to go.”
On hand via Skype for the London launch was Grammy Award-winning engineer Ed Cherney (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton), himself a SoundBetter member.
“I think it’s a brilliant idea. Traditionally the way you would get work was someone would see your name on an album, like the record, track you down and hire you. Now most of my work comes from artists, and I would say 80% of them are independent artists. This is the modern way to do it.”
Both Cherney and four-time Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Manny Marroquin (Bruno Mars, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Rihanna) are among the members who will sit on the company’s board of advisors.
“It was really flattering to see how willing they were to jump in,” said Gilad. “They would never do that if they didn’t think this was something that was not just going to succeed as a business, but also that gives back to the industry. It solves a pain point for people.”
Gilad won’t say just how many SoundBetter users there are, but admitted: “I thought it would take a lot longer to get to the number of signups we have so far. It’s well beyond my expectations.”
Going forward, Gilad has his sights set on launch events in Spain and Japan, and plans to introduce a complementary portal for musicians to offer their skills to producers.
“We’re fully committed to just plowing ahead and making sure that everybody who’s on there and has something to offer will get work out of this.”