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Belgium’s BeTV T*APs into loudness control

The Brussels-based broadcaster is the first in Belgium to invest in Jünger Audio’s television audio processors, acquiring ten units from Belgian distributor APEX NV.

Belgium’s BeTV is controlling loudness levels with newly installed Jünger Audio T*AP audio processors. Jünger Audio’s Belgium dealer APEX NV supplied ten units to the Brussels-based broadcaster. Tackling level fluctuations between different types of broadcast programme material has become an international concern, with European broadcasters having to adhere to EBU R128 guidelines, originally published in 2010. Jünger Audio products support all known loudness standards including ITU, EBU and ATSC, ensuring compliance with mandated loudness controls. In addition, the T*AP audio processor offers Dolby transcoding integration possibilities, which appealed to BeTV: “We have been working with Dolby equipment for some years on one HD channel and are now increasing our number of HD channels, while also adding loudness control on each. We found Junger Audio’s T*AP units corresponded exactly to our needs as they offer compact material, clear management, one band audio for loudness treatment, integration with Dolby technology and engineering dialogue, all in a very easy to use format,” said Paulin Deiautte, BeTV’s engineering and maintenance manager.