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Behringer Ultragraph PRO FBQ6200

Stereo graphic with feedback detection

What is it?A 31-Band stereo graphic equaliser with FBQ feedback detection system for both live and studio applications. DetailsThe flagship of the Behringer’s FBQ series, the Ultragraph PRO FBQ6200 is described as an “ultra-musical” 31-band stereo graphic equaliser with built-in FBQ Feedback Detection System designed to instantly reveal feedback frequencies and capable of being used as an audio analyser. The unit includes a range of features said to make it easy to use – such as dedicated limiters with dual gain reduction meters to protect systems from overload and distortion – plus a pink noise generator to provide test signals for equalising room acoustics.
 A mono subwoofer output with dedicated level control and adjustable crossover frequency is also included together with sweepable high and low cut filters for each channel to remove unwanted frequencies. 8-stage LED metering is provided to monitor input/output levels and the hard bypass switch is relay-controlled with an auto-bypass function that automatically activates during power failures. The FBQ6200 uses 45mm illuminated faders and incorporates servo-balanced inputs and outputs with 1/4″ TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors.