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Behringer iNUKE12000, iNUKE12000DSP

High-powered amplifiers

What is it?A pair of 12kW additions to the iNUKE power amplifier range.DetailsCapable of delivering 6kW per channel into 2 ohms (3kW into 4 ohms), iNuke12000 amplifiers weigh less than 8kg and occupy only 2 racks units each. Employing high density Class-D technology and “ultra-efficient” switch mode power supplies, iNUKE12000 models are designed for cool running without the large heat sinks and heavy toroidal transformers found in many traditional amplifiers. The front panel controls and indicators are designed to provide vital information at a glance; both channels feature positive-detent gain controls, signal-present and clip LEDs. ‘Zero-Attack’ limiters provide reliable overload protection while the built-in subwoofer/satellite crossover extends flexibility. As its name suggests, the iNUKE12000DSP model comes with built-in DSP with 24 bit/96 kHz converters to ensure signal integrity with an extremely broad dynamic range. DSP functions include a sophisticated delay, crossover, EQ (eight parametric, two dynamic), and dynamics processing with lockable security settings. Input connection is via combined ¼” jack/XLR connectors, with twist-lock rear-panel sockets provided for output connection.And another thing…All iNUKE DSP models can be set up, controlled and monitored via the front panel USB connector.