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BeachTek DXA-5Da

What is it?A passive DSLR adapter allowing connection of two audio devices to a camera. DetailsDesigned for use with any camera with a mic input jack, the passive DXA-5Da requires no power. This means that phantom power is not available, but the unit can be used with self-powered condenser microphones as well as wireless mics – or as an interface for a mixer. Said to be easy to set up and use, the LCD level meters display signal strength while the headphone output can be used to monitor recordings. The design incorporates an ‘AGC disable’ feature said to control the exaggerated swings of AGC circuits built into many cameras and also reduce noise during quiet moments of recording. The DXA-5Da features mic/line input select switches, trim controls, a mono/stereo output switch, a headphone volume control plus a ground-lift switch. Inputs are via balanced XLR connectors, though an auxiliary 3.5mm mini-jack suitable for wireless mics is also included. Housed in an impact-resistant polycarbonate chassis, the DXA-5Da is designed to attach to the underside of any camera with a standard screw fitting and allows the two to be mounted on a tripod, if required.