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Baltic first for Soundcraft Si Performer

Originally looking to invest in the Si Compact 24, Latvia’s Universal Baltic Sound opted instead for Soundcraft’s new hybrid audio/lighting desk; the first in the region.

Latvia’s Universal Baltic Sound (UBS) has purchased the first Soundcraft Si Performer in the Baltic region.
The hire company was originally looking to invest in the Si Compact 24; Soundcraft’s Latvian distributor Audio AE invited UBS to test the console on the recent tour of top local rock act Brainstorm, as the FOH mixing console for support band, The Sound Poets. “The tour was a great test for a new product and we were able to run both FOH and monitors from a single Si 24,” said UBS’s senior sound engineer Maris Liepa (pictured). However, when the hybrid audio/lighting desk, based on the same platform, was announced in August, UBS took notice: “When we learnt of the Performer 3, we were particularly impressed with the bigger channel count, the two option slots, which allow I/O expansion…and the more attractive appearance, and so we didn’t hesitate to place the order for this instead.”