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‘Back end support’ important in the studio

It’s an unusual topic for PSNEurope, but these RH Chairs sounded so good, we decided not to sit this story out. Erica Basnicki finds out more, and gets just a little cheeky…

An unlikely piece of equipment is being given credit for helping to improve workflow at Sensible Studios in North London. The secret asset? Chairs. Specifically, Logic 4 chairs from RH Chairs. “Having comfortable chairs to work from makes things so much easier,” said Engineer and producer Jon Moon. “I would never replace these chairs – no way.” The RH Chairs have been at Sensible Studios for 16 years, during which only a single castor needed replacing. Jorgen Josefsson, MD of RH UK explained that keeping the manufacturing process in-house is the key to the chairs’ longevity: “We own the whole process from design to production and assembly. That means we can keep very high and strict standards on our quality control which allows us to give a 10 year warranty on our chairs – double the industry standard. In fact, although it’s great to hear about a client like Sensible Studios having chairs for 16 years, it’s not uncommon.” With the chairs designed to last so long, PSNEurope couldn’t help but wonder whether this commitment to quality wouldn’t have an impact on RH’s, erm, bottom line. Kieran Dowling, operations and market coordinator, doesn’t think so. “It would of course, but we build the chairs to last and maintain our good name through that. Most of our sales are from referrals, to people who spent £100 on a chair and it broke after 12 months. So rather than sell less people more chairs over again we’d prefer get more people sitting on RH chairs for longer.”