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Azden SGM-1000

What is it?A phantom-powered shotgun microphone designed for both audio and video applications. DetailsThe SGM-1000 is said to combine a highly-directional, super-cardioid pickup pattern with a wide frequency response and low noise levels. It can be phantom powered from an external source or a single AAA battery offering up to 1000 hours continuous usage. A switchable filter provides low-cut roll-off of 6dB/octave at 200Hz with overall frequency response quoted at 80Hz -20kHz and dynamic range at 96dB. Signal-to-noise ratio is measured at 70dB and maximum input SPL is 120dB. The SGM-1000 is 310mm in length and 21mm in diameter and weighs 140g without battery. Its balanced output will operate with any low-impedance input of 1K ohm or less – including balanced XLR and unbalanced 1⁄4” and 3.5mm inputs. Output cables are not included but the mic is supplied with both a windscreen and shockmount holder with integrated shoe mount.