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Axon HEB900

What is it?
An HD, SDI and SD SDI digital audio embedder module – part of the Synapse product range.

The HEB900 is capable of inserting or appending up to four free-running AES/EBU digital audio channels (16 mono channels). At its core are four embedder blocks plus two delay blocks which can be used in series as a single SDI 4-group embedder (with up to 1s of video offset delay), or in parallel for two individual channels each with 2-group embedders and individual 500ms offset delays in a fully separate ‘clock lock’ channel Twins function. Each block is capable of embedding four audio channels into one group for a total of 16 audio channels into four (or 2×2) groups. The Twins mode is a single command operation and controls four individual selection switches. In addition, four add-on cards can be connected to create a routing matrix. The HEB900 can be future upgraded to HEB990, GEB900 or GEB990, allowing for staged implementation of HD infrastructures.