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Aviom A-16II

Personal monitor mixer

What is it?A 16-channel personal mixer designed to allow performers to create an individual, customised monitor mix on stage.DetailsThe A-16II personal mixer gives each performer control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread, and master volume and tone. Every mixer in a system can create a unique monitor mix for a performer with users able to save and recall up to sixteen custom mixes as presets. The mixer is designed to mount easily on a mic stand (using the optional MT-1 stand mount) and incorporates an “intuitive” interface with no menus or screens to navigate. The stereo output from the A-16II can be used to drive wired or wireless in-ear monitors, headphones, powered floor wedges, an amplifier or spot monitors.The A-16II is fully compatible with all Pro16 Series products – including Aviom’s digital interface card for Yamaha digital mixing consoles. In fact, support for Aviom monitor mixing is available in the form of console interface cards from an increasing list of digital console manufacturers including Digidesign, Soundcraft, Innovason, etc. A-16II mixers can be daisy-chained or connected in parallel using an A-Net Distributor. Parallel connections also allow power to be supplied to the mixers over Cat-5e cable. Cable runs of up to 150meters are possible between devices, and there is no limit to the number of mixers in a system.And another thing…Aviom has also developed a rack-mounted version of the mixer – the A-16R – together with the A-16CS remote control surface which allows it to be mounted in a rack with power amps, wireless transmitters, effects, etc, while still providing the performer with complete control over mix functions and presets.