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Avid Pro Tools 8

What is it?An advanced audio creation and production package for Windows and Mac OSX, currently available as a range of systems including HD, LE and M-Powered. DetailsThe HD system is a combined software and hardware package with a choice of interfaces offering a range of digital I/O configurations. Top of the range is the HD I/O – an ultra-low latency design available in three configurations: analogue/digital 8x8x8 and 16×16 versions and an all-digital 16×16 model. Built-in sample rate conversion is included, together with onboard soft-knee limiting and sync’ing via word clock and loop sync I/O. Optional cards can be added to any system to add more analogue inputs, analogue output or digital I/O. The recent upgrade to version 8 of Pro Tools software has brought a new interface, expanded track count (up to 48, mono or stereo), additional plug-ins, new workflows and “deeper controller integration”. A quick start window provides a fast way of opening an existing session or starting a new one and a selection of templates are available to expedite the latter process. Within the user interface, a host of changes have been made to improve the visual appearance and tweak editing functions – which considerable emphasis now placed on Pro Tools as a sequencing package for musicians with score and MIDI editing windows. Pro Tools 8 supports files up to 4GB and allows audio regions to be transposed in real time with the Elastic Pitch function; regions can also be locked to the timeline to prevent them being moved or edited. Automation and Controller lanes can be used to view and edit track information (such as volume, pan and plug-in automation), and with 10 inserts available, it’s possible to use more plug-ins per track without bussing.
 Pro Tools 8 deepens its ICON console design, Digidesign control surface and M-Audio controller integration, allowing users to map plug-in parameter controls to almost any encoder on a controller and access each track’s ten inserts. With ICON, Pro Tools 8 brings new and improved functionality to the soft keys, adds a local assign mode for assigning inserts, sends, inputs and outputs, introduces I/O view and allows the expansion of a D-Command or D-Command ES console to 40 faders with an additional Fader Module.