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Autostadt sets another record with Dynacord

World’s largest Dynacord P64 system installed at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. The tourist attraction boasts several other world records including the world’s longest printed line (it’s 4 miles long!).

The Autostadt is a Volkswagen-themed visitor attraction in Wolfsburg, Germany. It boasts the world’s largest automobile museum, world’s largest automobile distribution centre, world’s largest glass doors, world’s longest printed line, and now the world’s largest Dynacord P64 system, combining the Dynacord P64 with Dynacord Promatrix DPM-4000 digital audio matrices. Work began on a technical upgrade to the Autostadt’s sound reinforcement system around a year ago. The Autostadt already had 20 Dynacord ELA control centres installed, which needed to be united in a redundant network conforming to the safety standards applicable to centralized and decentralized alarm and evacuation systems. Mathias Vette, whose company M-Akustik supplied the system explained: “At the moment there is no other combination of ELA and matrix systems on the market that allows you to program individual functions over such a broad spectrum and combine them with one another.” Another firm, Profi Musik, was responsible for programming and system integration. For the implementation, the team relied on the Dynacord Promatrix-4000 systems that were for the most part already installed. These were upgraded and networked with Dynacord P64 matrices driven by 116 Dynacord DPA 4411 power amplifiers and 13 Dynacord TPI 8 touch panels. The installed system now combines 13 different buildings in a redundant configuration with four local priority, three superordinate priority, and 12 network-wide background programmes. <pic: Wolfsburg_4_Overview#3593B7.jpg>