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Audio Wireless AWT-1

What is it? A wireless transmitter. DetailsAudio Wireless Ltd is a UK-based designer and manufacturer formed in 2009. At IBC this year it launched a new range of wireless systems for Electronic News Gathering, location sound recording, and general broadcast applications. The Audio Wireless AWT-1 transmitter features digitally switchable RF front-ends, with frequency-switching bandwidths up to 120MHz. These are programmed using each model’s backlit LCD and adjustable across the 470 to 790MHz range. Smooth, rugged aluminium cases are combined with a choice of connectors, as well as internal and external powering options. Common to all models is their unique battery compartment design, with a captive, easy-twist cover.† This features a click-stop mechanism to provide positional feedback, enabling quick and simple battery changeovers by feel alone.