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Audio Ltd MiniTX

What is it?A micro wireless transmitter suitable for broadcast applications. DetailsSmall, robust and splash-proofed against sweat ingress when worn close to the body, the MiniTX measures 82mm x 48mm x 16.5mm and weighs only 90 grams including batteries. The design is said to be comfortable and easily hidden in clothing where it can be switched on and off using the Control-X remote controller. More comprehensive remote control is also available through the Switch-IR which, in addition to providing on/off control, can also check and change operating frequency and monitor battery status. The transmitter offers switchable bandwidth of up to 24MHz with up to 32 pre-programmed frequencies. Gain control is switchable in eight steps over a 30dB range. The MiniTX operates on two AAA batteries which will provide power for up to 5 hours (10 hours with Lithium batteries).