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Audio Developments AD255

 What is it?A portable low-noise mixer housed in a robust, aluminium case for location work in broadcast applications. DetailsBased on AD’s well-established AD245 model with the addition of two auxiliary sends and channel direct outputs, the AD255 uses professional components throughout – including Penny and Giles 100mm conductive plastics faders. A low-noise microphone amplifier design provides phantom power for 48V and 12V Tonader microphones and is complemented by a “simple but effective” 3-band equaliser. Input channels are transformer-balanced and RFI protected and feature high-pass filters. The main stereo output features individual left and right faders and is transformer-balanced – as are the two auxiliary outputs which feature separate master rotary controls. Auxiliaries 1 and 2 are routed from each input using a 3-position switch (Off, Pre and Post fader) and Auxiliary 2 features a rotary level control. The design also incorporates built-in limiters in the main output – which may be linked for stereo operation – plus two LCD meters for monitoring the main output, auxiliary output and PFL of each input. Battery level and monitor status indicators are also included and meters can be illuminated. The headphone monitor may be switched between main output, auxiliary outputs and return, with monitor selectors allowing Left, Right, Left + Right, Aux 1, Aux 2 and Aux 1 + 2 signals to be routed to the headphone socket. The AD255 is powered by eight ‘C’ cells or from an external DC source.