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ATI Audio MX200C

What is it?A compact, low-cost mixer and utility amplifier which can be free-standing, stacked or rack-mounted for broadcast applications. DetailsThe MX200C is a 3-input stereo mixer offering front-panel selection of microphone or line input levels. Detented pan pots feed fader outputs to the stereo mix busses while a close-tracking VCA stereo master level control feeds the high-level line output stages. Output is sufficient to drive either balanced or unbalanced output loads of 600 ohms or greater and the design features “bright” LED VU meters plus a stereo headphone amplifier for monitoring outputs. Phantom power is internally jumper-plug programmable to any microphone input and XLR output connectors are standard. The MX200C mixer adds a switched low-distortion compressor/limiter and peak indicating LED to the features of the basic MX200 model. A rear-panel Expander input allows interconnection of two mixers or the addition of one or more companion XPS100 or XPS200 expanders. Like other models in ATI’s NanoAmp MXS range, the MX200C features quick-change AC line-operated power supplies. Replaceable and rechargeable battery power packs and DC set-up converters for belt packs are also available.