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Apogee brings harmony to Hookend Manor

Residential studios Hookend Manor has installed a set of the new Apogee Symphony audio convertors to integrate with its existing Pro Tools HD systems.

16th Century manor house and legendary recording facility Hookend Manor is situated in rural Oxfordshire, surrounded by its own extensive acreage within 250 acres of private gardens and woodland. After recently installing four Apogee Symphony audio converters, which owner Mark White has dubbed “a sonic refurb”, it can now accommodate up to 48 input channels and 80 output channels from its huge SSL console. Resident engineer Grahame Baldwin says the Apogee converters provide seamless integration with the existing Pro Tools HD systems in the facility, plus a much cleaner sound with better imaging and “effectively as many ins and outs as we could want”. The new flagship product, the Apogee Symphony I/O, builds upon the design approaches of Apogee’s X-Series and Rosetta Series converters, the Big Ben master clock and the Trak2 mic pre-amps. Hookend Manor underwent massive refurbishment a few years ago with the control room and studio being tastefully re-decorated; and it features one of the UK’s largest SSL consoles: a 96-Channel J Series frame with 80 modules fitted. 
 As well as a full Pro Tools HD setup, recording is also carried out on analogue two-inch tape using two Studer A827 tape machines, which are also synchronised with any of the hard disk systems via Lynx synchronisers and Sync I/O units. Hookend also boasts a plethora of high-end outboard kit including Neve 1073 and 1081 pre-amps, an Avalon AD 2055 compressor, Lexicon 300 and 224 units, and a Focusrite 15A 115 mic pre-amp; and a host of microphones by Neumann, AKG, Royer, DPA, Telefunken and Shure. In other Hookend-related news, the Dean Street Agency, launched earlier this year, seems to have got off to a good start. “We’ve really hit the ground running with excellent feedback from our clients on placement of great musicians and products into all aspects of the music industry,” insists Dean Street’s Jasmin Lee. “We are also about to re-launch Studio 3 here which is now a post-suite and voice over studio.”