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Aphex 2020Mkll

 What is it?A complete FM broadcast processor incorporating 18 Aphex technologies said to offer increased density while retaining “naturalness and musicality”. DetailsThe FM Pro is an advanced audio processing system tailored especially to the demands of FM broadcasting. Competition ready, the FM Pro is fully adjustable from “detailed and neutral” to “heavy and loud” but can also be set up to sound as neutral and transparent as desired. Plug-in options are said to be easily field installed and can be shipped to specification. Option 1 adds AES/EBU digital I/O, Option 2 introduces a pre-emphasis limiter and low pass filter, Option 3 is a pre-emphasis limiter, low pass filter and PPDM stereo generator while Option 4 adds a precision oven-controlled crystal oscillator to Option 3. Sixteen recallable user presets are provided for manual selection or day-part automation. For convenience, eight additional factory presets covering a variety of formats are included to aid set up. Day-part automation is completely self-contained and driven by an accurate internal clock/calendar timer. Front panel operation is said to be easy and intuitive through its use of a “logical” menu tree, while the built-in RS232 port permits remote control and monitoring of the FM Pro from almost any location by means of a PC and serial cable or modem. The design uses a supervised password system to maintain security with fail-safe operation assured by a power-off internal relay bypass of both the analogue and digital audio I/O circuits. The front panel displays provide an indication of the operation of all major process functions in real time and automated transformation of processing parameters by the day, hour and minute allow stations with varying formats to tailor the FM Pro exactly as required for each day-part.