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APG loudspeakers riding high with PAN.OPTIKUM

PAN.OPTIKUM, a cutting-edge troupe of street artists, have been using APG's Uniline loudspeakers during their latest European tour, writes David Davies.

APG Uniline loudspeakers are accompanying the latest European tour by PAN.OPTIKUM – a cutting-edge troupe of street/action theatre artists who make liberal use of pyrotechnics, purpose-built theatrical machines, large-scale projection and effects. The show’s unusual configuration – the PAN.OPTIKUM team performs in large, open spaces with the audience situated in the middle – led Joscha Muschal from Freiburg-based rental company Coco Sound to specify a four-point sound system with a Layher speaker tower in each corner and a further four solo speakers down two sides, dedicated to the spoken word. Each of the four towers contains three APG UL210 mid/hi cabinets stacked in a cradle at a height of 2.5m, along with one TB218S sub on the ground. The PA is powered by Lab.gruppen amplifiers, while processing is courtesy of APG’s DMS26 DSP.
 PAN.OPTIKUM’s MD and creative director, Matthias Rettner, commented: “It’s a clear improvement over our previous solution. APG equipment is of the highest quality.”