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APG, Innovason at the ROH

APG Beam Series speakers and an Innovason Eclipse console were deployed for a performance by acclaimed Hungarian vocalist and songwriter Márta Sebestyén at the Royal Opera House, London.

Red Square Audio provided the PA for a special performance by Márta Sebestyén at the Paul Hamlyn Hall in London’s Royal Opera House recently. Perhaps best-known for her contribution to the soundtrack of Anthony Minghella’s film of The English Patient, Sebestyen performed selections from her latest album, I Can See the Gates of Heaven, during her ROH concert.

Sebestyén was accompanied by a traditional Hungarian folk band using flutes, zither, bagpipes, saxophone, lute and tambourine.

In order to counter the high reverberation characteristics and glass-fronted balcony of the Hamlyn Hall, Red Square Audio’s Paul Nicholson turned to APG and, after thorough consideration, selected the full-range 3000C Beam system. With an upward dispersion of only 5-degrees and 20-degrees downwards, with 60-degrees in the horizontal plane, Nicholson utilised two cabinets on each side of the stage.

“The results were truly excellent,” confirmed Nicholson. “There was no need to gap the cabinets as they are seamless when used in multiples, and given the type of show we didn’t require subs either as the 3000Cs are full-range. The overall bloom of the room was dramatically reduced, which enabled me to achieve a high degree of mix separation and clarity.”

Nicholson also used the new APG DX12 and DX15 stage monitors and a pair of APG MX1 lip fills, while the entire system was managed using APG proprietary controllers.

“This is the first time that APG systems were used exclusively at a UK show” noted Nicholson. “From my point of view, it couldn’t have gone better – we made a notoriously difficult room sound better than it had ever done before, and what’s more it was at the Royal Opera House – and you don’t get a much more prestigious address than that!”

The audio spec also included an Innovason Eclipse console for FOH, monitors and recording.