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Ultra-compact monitor

What is it?An ultra-compact multipurpose monitor speaker.DetailsIts performance and ultra-compact design make the DX5 suitable for all types of nearfield listening applications including stage monitoring, distributed systems, delay or in-fill for high-power PA systems as well as for sound reinforcement in small and mid-sized venues – with or without low-frequency reinforcement. As with other models in the DX range, the DX5 employs a coaxial driver arrangement said to create a wide and perfectly coherent sound field – even in nearfield applications. The choice of a ‘pure’ coaxial configuration (with no horn) and acoustic baffling with no side flanks is said to limit distortion and diffraction, offering high sonic accuracy and optimised gain before feedback. A number of flying and mounting accessories are available for the DX5 as well as dedicated processors, depending upon the application. The specially-designed handles on the rear make the enclosure exceptionally easy to lift and carry and it can be wall, ceiling or pole-mounted or flown.And another thing… The DX5 is said to be particularly suitable for front-fill applications as it offers an exceedingly low profile when used horizontally.