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Antares Auto-Tune Live

Autotune plug-in

What is it?A pitch correction plug-in optimised for tracking and live performance and offering ultra-low latency and comprehensive MIDI control.DetailsLike all members of the Auto-Tune family, Auto-Tune Live can correct the pitch of vocals and other solo instruments in real time, without distortion or artefacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance as well as creating the iconic Auto-Tune vocal effect. Its ultra-low latency design means Auto-Tune Live delivers virtually instant response in performance (or when tracking in the studio) and makes it possible to control all its key performance parameters in real time from any MIDI controller or pre-recorded MIDI track.MIDI control of target notes allows users to define pitches in real-time during performance. A Humanize function is also included for more natural-sounding, realistic pitch correction together with a natural Vibrato control that makes it possible to modify (in real time) the depth of any vibrato present in the original performance. The design incorporates ‘formant correction’ functions and Antares’ proprietary Throat Modelling technology – said to offer unmatched creative control of vocal timbre – plus improved pitch tracking and correction using second-generation Evo voice processing technology.And another thing… The Auto-Tune Live plug-in operates on both (Intel-based) Mac and PC platforms from within a wide range of RTAS, VST and Audio Units applications.