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Angelbird: custom SSDs for the masses

New Austrian Solid State Drive and PCIe card manufacturer has announced Wings – a customizeable/scalable storage controller designed for RAID setups.

Audio professionals in search of affordable ways to speed up their computers and/or increase storage capacity might want to take note of Austria’s Angelbird GmbH, a relatively new player in the Solid State Drive (SSD) market. Angelbird’s Wings is a storage solution that offers users ultra-fast SSD storage for both Windows or Mac OS X environment (Wings is reportedly the only storage controller on the market that can boot on a Mac Pro), and is designed to be used in conjunction with any commercial 2.5” SSD available, allowing users to add any storage of their choosing as and when necessary. It can boot and group RAID arrays of SATA2 drives with I/O rates in the range of 3GB/s or more when using multiple cards, the only limit being the motherboard’s available slots. RAID arrays can be spread across multiple Wings cards, hosting up to four drives each, that can be linked to obtain outstanding performance with the added bonus of having the possibility to distribute such performance over an increasable storage space by adding more drives. Davide Rutigliano, inventor and CEO, said: “Bringing Wings to market has been an exciting challenge and a triumph for the Angelbird development team. Very respectable amounts of performance are now available at a very affordable price with the ability to upgrade easily to an ultimate leading edge solution.”