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An Orpheus at the Kore

London’s Kore Studios has upgraded its equipment to include a Prism Sound Orpheus FireWire computer interface

Winner of ‘Best Studio’ at the MPG Awards last year, West London facility Kore Studios, which opened in 2003 and was built by acoustic design specialists White Mark Ltd, has recently added a Prism Sound Orpheus to its studio inventory. 
 According to owner George Apsion (pictured), the unit fulfils two roles: as a mobile interface to be used with Pro Tools 9 on a laptop; and as a two track machine for printing high-res stems and mixes for mastering. “We chose the Orpheus first and foremost for its sound quality,” explains Apsion. “When we were initially loaned a unit, we put it through a rigorous set of everyday situations. We were floored by the detail, depth and truthfulness of the sounds we were recording and playing back; and we were so impressed by its DA section that it has also now replaced out previous convertor for CD/iTunes playbacks.” Apsion says the unit’s simple user interface is one of its best features, allowing for zero latency tracking and quick and easy setting up of headphones. The unit’s ‘ADAT direct’ mode also allows Kore’s engineers to integrate the Orpheus easily with the studio’s HD Pro Tools system as an extra set of convertors, providing eight channels of Prism Sound AD/DA that’s easily accessible from the HD environment. “The real star is Orpheus’ conversion capabilities; the first time we played a CD back through the Orpheus I couldn’t believe the difference,” adds Apsion. “Whereas our old units seemed to present sound like a picture hanging on a wall, Orpheus reached out from the speakers to the back of the room and filled the space with all the gorgeous detail and air that had been hiding away on this record.” The Orpheus has already been used successfully at Kore on a number of projects: various writing sessions; printing back 96kHz mixes from the console to the Pro Tools laptop system; and remotely, during a choral recording. Recent clients at Kore include Florence and the Machine, Razorlight, Magic Numbers, Manic Street Preachers, and Plan B.