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Amsterdam calling: IBC2012 preview

The first of two previews gathering up the equipment you can expect to see at the forthcoming International Broadcasting Convention at the RAI in the Netherlands.

IBC2012 is only weeks away, and once again, manufacturers and developers of software and hardware are lining up their launches and upgrades. The Scoop Fone HD professional mobile phone and Scoop5 IP rackmount codec are among a host of new innovations to be shown by Spain’s AETA at IBC 2012. The Scoop Fone HD is a pro mobile phone that integrates 3.1kHz 2G telephone calls into the broadcast chain and offers an increase in audio quality to 7kHz/HD Voice in 3G/UMTS mobile networks. The Scoop5 IP is a rackmount codec for IP studio-to-transmitter and other pure IP links, designed specifically for broadcasters or others who wish to conduct transmissions over IP. IBC 2012 marks the introduction of the new PR4500 ENG Pocket Receiver from Harman brand AKG. The receiver builds on AKG’s WMS4500 Series by incorporating its new camera shoe, allowing it to be positioned on virtually any camera. The PR4500 provides a 30MHz switching bandwidth, frequencies tuneable in steps of 25kHz, line output for camera and separate headphone output, along with an operating time of 8-15 hours with a single Alkaline/BP4000 battery. A new processing engine from DHD, the 52/XD Core, fits seamlessly into its modular Series 52 system and is suitable for all manner of audio routing and mixing applications. With up to four DSP modules, the 52/XD is said to be powerful enough even for the most demanding applications. Used in a mixer set-up, it yields a console with up to 64 faders. As a central audio routing system it can handle a matrix with 8,704 x 7,424 crosspoints. A series of mobile USB soundcards for on-the-go audio professionals and reporters, Digigram’s CANCUN range is said to combine high-end performance with efficient design. CANCUN is initially available in two models: the CANCUN 442-Mic with four inputs and outputs, and a dual input/output version, the CANCUN 222-Mic. Both offer simultaneous analogue and AES I/O with 2 x 500 MIPS dual-core processing power, embedded in a robust casing. V4.0 of Merging Technologies’ Ovation live media server and sequencer, which enables the use of Ravenna IP technology to connect to the Horus digital audio converter, will be on show in Amsterdam. Other new V4.0 features include a New Show Wizard with factory- or user-defined templates, direct-to-cue CD import, and a function allowing for the automatic import of media from removable devices and/or network locations. The introduction of the first 5.1 surround meter (MSD 600C MkI) and one-box device containing four waveform monitors (PTO760M) are just two of the AV-related achievements of test measurement specialist DK-Technologies, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary at this year’s IBC. The d:fine series of headset microphones and the d:facto vocal mic will be among the products shown by DPA at this year’s IBC. The d:facto is designed to bridge the gap between live stage performances and studio recordings. It is a high-quality vocal microphone with a natural sound, high separation from nearby sound sources, and extreme sound level handling. Its supercardioid pattern and ‘superb’ definition are said to yield high separation and true sound colour. The same ‘robust’ specification as the CM-CU21 but with a feature set tailored to single commentator applications is the headline claim made on behalf of Sonifex’s new CM-CU1. The unit provides a fully featured commentator position with a line-level input and has an individual commentator output, with an additional output providing a mix of commentator and line input audio.
More show previews to come…