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ALVA MADI-Cabledrum

What is it?A MADI Cable-Drum. DetailsALVA MADI-Cabledrum is a professional 4-fibre SC to SC Optical Multicore for MADI use for broadcsat, as well as on stage and in music recording. MCD-cables are extremely flexible, crush and impact resistant. Alva designed a simple but effective splash-water protection, traction relief and easy handling solution. The cable drum is made in Germany and every cable comes with an own, specific measuring protocol. Length: 100 m (MCD-100) / 150 meter (MCD-150) / 300 meter (MCD-300).Other lenghts available on request. Fibre count: 4, each with captive dust-protections. Overall transport and splash-water protection with a handy pull-out applet. Outer Jacket: Polyurethane. Outer Jacket Colour: Dark-Green. Diameter Cable: 5,2 mm