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Alto Professional Tourmax

Passive speaker range

What is it?A range of passive speakers and subwoofers designed for sound reinforcement applications. DetailsTourmax SX112, SX115 and SX215 passive loudspeakers incorporate 12”, 15” and 2 x 15” low-frequency drivers (respectively) plus 1” neodyminium high-frequency units. Coverage is 90° (H) x 60° (V) using elliptical wave guides and power handling for the three models is 200W, 300W and 500W (continuous). Frequency response is quoted at 65Hz – 20kHz for the SX112, extending down to 55Hz for the SX115 and SX215 models. The trapezoidal design of the enclosures is said to significantly decrease the resonance in the cabinet and features recessed handles, full-length metal grills and a black textured finish said to be scratch and dent resistant. 
 The Tourmax SXSUB15 and SXSUB18 are passive subwoofer systems housing 15” and 18” low-frequency drivers – both fitted with 3” voice coils and capable of up to 400W (continuous) power handling. The frequency range and crossover of the SXSUB18 and SXSUB15 have been specifically tailored to provide smooth, low-end sound reproproduction in the 35Hz – 200Hz range. Both models are housed in rugged, compact, 18mm Baltic birch plywood enclosures with durable metal handles and a black painted finish. And another thing…The Tourmax range also includes the active SXM112A speaker, suitable for use as a wedge monitor on stage, but also pole-mountable for applications such as side fill, drum or keyboard monitor and as a main speaker in smaller setups.