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Alto Professional MasterLink Live 24

Live mixer with iPad dock

What is it?A 24-channel live performance mixer with built-in iPad dock.DetailsThe MasterLink Live 24 offers 16 mono and four stereo input channels, 3-band semi-parametric EQ (with sweepable midrange), four group buses, built-in Alesis digital effects plus “seamless” integration with an Apple iPad or iPad2. This is accommodated through a fitted enclosure, 30-pin dock and Alto’s Live Drive App software for processing and recording the main mix. The design includes dedicated analyser/talkback microphone inputs for real-time audio analysis and communication with the stage, plus precise dynamic control through 16 independent channel compressors and 16 high-headroom, low-noise microphone preamps.The mixer offers separate main/monitor mixing, plus four auxiliary sends – two of them configurable for pre- or post-fader. Rather than simply using it as a remote control, the MasterLink Live 24 takes advantage of the iPad’s interface and touchscreen to provide enhanced functionality and improved workflow, without adding significantly to its size. In addition, an integrated dock connector for the iPad allows MasterLink Live mixers to access a variety of professional Master Mix Processing tools via the Live Drive App, eliminating the need for external gear. Other features include 12-band parametric EQ, 2-channel audio recording capability and built-in programmable SPL meter.Any another thing…A 16-channel version of the desk is also available; the MasterLink Live 16 offers similar features but with ten mono and three stereo input channels, ten channel compressors and ten low-noise mic preamps.