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Allen & Heath xDR-16

iLive mixer expander

What is it?An expander unit for the iLive digital mixer family. DetailsDesigned to provide remote analogue I/O expansion and networking options at FOH on the other side of a large stage (or even in a different building during installations), the xDR-16 offers 16 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs connected via Allen & Heath’s proprietary Audio and Control over Ethernet (ACE) link. This is fitted in Port B of an iLive MixRack, which can be positioned up to 120m away on CAT5 or further on a dedicated fibre optic system. Allen & Heath’s range of audio interface and network plug-in cards can be fitted to the xDR-16 to provide additional connectivity, including EtherSound, MADI, Mini Multi-Out (Aviom and ADAT), ACE, RockNet and Dante. Up to two expanders can also be added to a standard iLive system, providing a total of 32 inputs and 16 outputs and the ability to fit two audio networking cards, such as a combination of MADI and Aviom, to one system. Systems implementing ‘DualRack’ mode or a FOH/Monitor split can support one expander if required. The xDR-16 also features an Ethernet network port, enabling the user to plug in a laptop or wireless access point for remote control of the entire mixing system via iLive Editor control software or iLive Tweak iPhone app.