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Allen & Heath iLive Tweak

iPhone iLive desk control app

What is it?A free iPhone/iPad app providing wireless control over the essential features of A&H’s iLive system when moving around a venue. DetailsiLive Tweak allows users to select an input, mix, FX or DCA channel and make changes to level, mute, graphic and parametric EQ and delay settings ‘on the move’ to facilitate easier setting up – particularly in areas such as delay speakers. Parametric EQ (with Q), for example, is controllable using a ‘pinch’ movement on the iPhone or iPad. Downloadable free of charge from the Apple Store, iLive Tweak provides a range of new control possibilities for iLive sound engineers – which already includes laptops and touch tablets running iLive control software and PL Series controllers. iLive Tweak runs on the iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS, 4 and all iPads; operating requirements are for a iLive MixRack running V1.7 software available via a wireless access point.