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Alfie Boe touring with Nexo N-12s

At the suggestion of monitor engineer Paul Hatt, British tenor Alfie Boe is using a Nexo 45°N-12 stage monitor system on his latest tour of the UK.

On his current tour of the UK, British tenor Alfie Boe is using a Nexo 45°N-12 stage monitor system, suggested by his monitor engineer Paul Hatt. Hatt’s company, CS Audio, is the sound rental provider for the tour. It was Ray Davies’ engineers Tristran Mallett and Chris Wibberley, who introduced him to the Nexo monitors. “Alfie moves around a lot on stage,” said Hatt, “but the advantage of the N-12s is the very smooth, very even and very defined coverage pattern, which means the artist can walk in and out of the monitor zone with confidence.”
In addition to Nexo’s 45°N-12 stage monitor system, Boe has also been known to tour with a Soundcraft console, and Shure microphones.
Hatt is running Boe’s system with all four wedges in a single array four-wide. Bi-amped, the system offers two mixes, an inside mix and an outside mix. The inside mix runs on the two ‘inner’ wedges in the group, in his main vocal area; the other mix can be brought up on the ‘outer’ wedges for guest singers and musicians, without interrupting Alfie’s main mix.
“The N-12s are very directional, which takes some getting used to, but we get plenty of low end and the coverage is very smooth. Plus Alfie thinks they look really cool, which helps!”