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Alchemea makes ‘Solid’ investment with Fineline

London-based Alchemea College of Audio Engineering has made a major investment in a new Solid State Logic Duality SE music console, with finance provided by Fineline Media Finance.

Alchemea, a London-based audio engineering and creative media training college, has made a major investment in a new Solid State Logic Duality SE music console, with finance provided by Fineline Media Finance. The college has many successful graduates working in the pro-audio industry, including recent Conch Award winner Adam Smyth. Eighteen months ago Alchemea’s technical team began researching a replacement for its Euphonix Cs3000 desk – a workhorse that had proved extremely reliable over 15 years, but was gradually starting to show its age. Neil Pickles, director, Alchemea College of Audio Engineering, explained: “We needed a fully featured large format analogue console with 24 channels, and we had a fairly long list of other feature requirements including full processing on all channels, surround and advanced automation with full DAW control. In addition we wanted a console from a company we could trust to provide support for the next 15 years going forward, and a brand that was relevant to today’s market so that we are training students on equipment they will encounter in the real world. The only console that could satisfactorily answer all of our myriad requirements was the Solid State Logic Duality SE. When you really dig into it it’s quite a unique console,” Pickles added. SSL’s Duality console has been installed in many prominent studios, including Abbey Road’s studio 52, Dean Street Studios, and The Streets’ Mike Skinner’s personal recording facility. The SSL Duality SE console will form the centrepiece of Alchemea’s Studio Sound diploma, an intensive nine month program with heavy emphasis on practical use of all of the equipment. In addition to the Duality SE console, students train on an SSL 4000 G series analogue console, and an Avid D-Control in the college’s 5.1 cinema dubbing theatre in addition to several other programming, post-production and live sound facilities. Fineline Media Finance had provided the original finance package for Alchemea’s purchase of its Euphonix desk 15 years before, and the college once again approached Fineline for its new purchase. “Sam Baker understood the market and what we were buying, and was able to come up with a finance package that delivered exactly what we needed,” said Pickles. “We also had confidence in Fineline from our past dealings and, when the time came to do the deal, Sam was able to turn it around rapidly and hit our very tight deadline. In short, excellent service and a product tailored to us sealed the deal.”