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AKG Wireless iPhone App

Wireless set-up iPone app

What is it?An iPhone (or iPod Touch) application offering remote control and monitoring of AKG wireless systems via wi-fi. DetailsSaid to offer a fast, easy method of monitoring wireless connections between a transmitter and receiver, AKG’s Wireless iPhone App makes it possible to check and detect radio shadow areas directly on stage using an RF Monitor. By rotating the iPhone (or iPod Touch) from portrait mode to landscape mode, the RF Monitor graph provides a visual indication of RF level over time. The app currently supports the DMS 700 digital system, the analogue WMS 4000/4500 systems and the IVM 4 in-ear monitoring system. Wireless devices are connected through an AKG Hub 4000 Q to the HiQnet Network (based on the Harman HiQnet protocol) which is connected to a wi-fi router. The app displays a list of wireless channels along with the name, radio frequency, device type and connected HUB 4000 Q name. Signal information is displayed via an on-screen ‘stripe’ which provides details of radio frequency level, audio level and battery life of the transmitter microphone. The app is available for download from Apple’s iTunes Store.