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AKG Perception Wireless System

Range of wireless systems

What is it?A range of wireless systems offering bandwidths up to 30 MHz and exceptionally low-current transmitters. DetailsThe Perception Wireless range is designed to be easy to use yet capable of handling complex audio setups with up to eight channels per band. The range currently comprises four different systems: the Vocal Set with the HT 45 handheld transmitter and a dynamic cardioid mic; the Instrumental Set, with the PT45 pocket transmitter and instrument cable; the Sports Set with the PT45 pocket transmitter and C 544 head-worn mic; and the Presenter set, also with a PT 45 and a CK 99L lavaliere microphone.
 All sets include the SR 45 stationary receiver and a switched mode power supply with EU/UK/US adapters. The PT 45 pocket transmitter – said to be the smallest in its class – runs on a single AA battery and is compatible with all AKG MicroMics. The HT 45 Handheld Transmitter (also running on a single AA battery), offers users the ability to adjust the microphone level from low to high gain and comes with a capsule from the Perception Live Series protected by a wire mesh cap. The SR 45 Stationary Receiver includes a diversity system, professional XLR and jack outputs and switched mode power supply. The C 544 – part of the Perception Sorts Set – is a microphone headset which uses a capsule and acoustics from the C 555 and comes complete with a professional mini XLR connector as a “one-size-fits-all” solution.