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In-ear monitoring system

What is it?An in-ear monitoring system for use on stage in touring and live installed sound applications.DetailsIVM4500 IEM features antenna diversity, with two matched antennae and a new reference radio electronic design, said to provide stable signals for the receiver. Included in the system are the SPR4500 IEM diversity receiver (which automatically shows the number of free channels and supports TV channels with pre-programmed preset frequencies); the SST4500 IEM transmitter (adjustable to 10, 20, 50 and 100mW power – depending on country laws) and the IP 2 ear-channel headphones said to provide excellent acoustics and low impedance for connection to the IVM4500’s powerful, built-in headphone amplifier. The SPC4500 antenna combiner, SRA2 W directional antenna and RA4000 W omni-directional antenna complete the package.And another thing…The IVM4500 IEM includes an integrated dbx compressor, an equaliser with onboard presets plus in-ear-optimised binaural room simulations said to provide high-performance signal processing flexibility and more life-like imaging.