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AKG gets scholarly with sound event panel

DJ/producer Carl Craig (pictured) and producer/remixer/academic Ewan Pearson are among the creative figures lending their support to this year’s AKG Scholarship of Sound event in Berlin.

DJ/producer Carl Craig (pictured, homepage) and producer/remixer/academic Ewan Pearson (pictured, this page) are among the prominent figures lending their support to this year’s AKG Scholarship of Sound event in Berlin.

Mastering engineer/producer Stefan Betke (aka Pole), DJ/producer Adam Marshall, dub/tech artist Scott Monteith (aka Deadbeat), music journalist/DJ Philip Sherburne, former Sony BMG A&R man/producer Rene Rennefeld, AKG sound engineer/acoustic expert Dominik Biba, and a representative of synth store Schneiders Büro will also participate.

This ensemble of industry professionals will lead a series of intensive workshops at the Scholarship of Sound, which takes place from 30 July to 6 August in Berlin. Comprised of a series of audio workshops and mentoring tutorials, the sessions advise the students on how best to develop a career based around their passion for sound and music.

AKG will be offering ten talented music producers and sound students from across Europe the chance to take part in this year’s programme. Applicants are invited to submit their applications via

Invited to explain the criteria for selecting the Scholarship of Sound expert panel, Juergen Bopst, general manager of AKG Global, tells PSN-e that he wanted a combination of “talented electronic music producers who are good at sharing their knowledge and teaching (Ewan Pearson, Deadbeat, Adam Marshall, Stefan Betke); talented artists who also run their own record label [and can] talk about the business side of things (Carl Craig, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his label Planel E); senior audio engineers, as the Scholarship is not only based around electronic music but sound in general (Dominik Biba from AKG); special places in Berlin offering a unique experience for young people passionate about sound (Schneiderburo); and one of the most respected electronic music journalists (Philip Sherburne) to talk about music and how [using] the right words is important when building a career in sound.”

The deadline for applications is 30 April 2011, after which the submissions will be judged by an industry panel. The ten winning scholars will be announced on 16 May with the Scholarship, flights, accommodation and living expenses to be covered entirely by AKG.