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Wireless mic system

What is it?A 24-bit/48kHz digital wireless microphone system designed for the 2.4GHz ISM band offering worldwide license-free operation.Details The entire DMS70 package includes AKG’s DSR70 Quattro or DSR70 Dual Receiver, DPT70 Digital Pocket Transmitter and DHT70 Digital Handheld Transmitter – available with patented D5 acoustics or DHT70 Perception with standard supercardioid capsule. The DSR70 Quattro includes a rack mount kit, power supply and other accessories. DMS70 components are available separately or in one of three packages: Vocal Set, Instrumental Set and combined Vocal/Instrumental Set. The Quattro sets include two and the Dual sets one digital transmitter. All DMS70 devices feature bi-directional communication between the transmitter and receiver.The dynamic frequency selection provides ‘intelligent’ operation in the crowded 2.4 GHz band, enabled by digital diversity from receiver and transmitter side. Easy setup functions make the system simple to use, while the AES 128-bit encryption ensures secure 2-way wireless communication. The DSR70 Quattro receiver can work with up to four channels of audio in parallel which can be mixed down directly to its balanced XLR sum output. The DHT70 mic employs AKG’s patented dynamic D5 capsule said to deliver outstanding sound quality with less feedback and handling noise.And another thing…With its bi-directional communication, the DMS70 system offers a number of additional new and unique features, including power off from receiver side for all connected transmitters, battery status monitoring, out of range warning, etc.