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Adamson: subs for engine tests, new Energia partner

Internationally renown research centre for cabin acoustics invests in 16 B-118 subwoofers, while another US hire outfit joins the ongoing beta-testing programme for Adamson’s new PA proposition.

The professorship of Mechatronics at the Helmut-Schmidt University/University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg has invested in 16 Adamson B-118 subwoofers. In an unusual experiment, the speaker rig will be used for studying the effects of noise emissions of so-called ‘propfan’ engines (part propeller, part jet) inside an aircraft passenger cabin model, and the effectiveness of active noise cancelling measures. The B-118 subs are utilised to re-create a specific acoustic signature of the engine at realistic sound pressure levels. The department, headed by professor Dr.-Ing. Delf Sachau, is internationally respected as a research institute for cabin acoustics and active noise cancellation technologies and has multiple partnerships with global players in the commercial aerospace industry. The new sound reinforcement system was projected and installed by Adamson Europe’s Jochen Sommer, in cooperation with Dr.-Ing. Oliver Pabst and Dipl.-Ing. Kai Simanowski. “The Adamson speakers met our specifications and demands in terms of output, reliability, and acoustic focusing,” Simanoswki commented. “Further positive effects of the controlled low frequency radiation are greater energy efficiency, and reduced spill towards neighboring test rigs. Flexibility and control of this system offers new possibilities for our acoustic research projects.” In other Adamson news, Atomic Professional Audio has been announced as the most recent company to join the list of Project Energia beta partners. The Vermont, USA-based sound company is no stranger to the Adamson family, with Y-axis systems in their inventory dating back to 2002. The new Energia system was delivered in January and the Atomic team expects to have it on the road before the end of the month. Atomic Professional Audio’s president, Kevin Margolin stated: “Our Y-Axis speakers have been fantastic and as always, Adamson puts audio quality first. The E15 is better in every way. It’s truly stunning! We are very excited to be a beta partner.” www.adamsonsystems.comwww.atomicproaudio.com