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Adamson E15s at Gurten festival

Adamson Y-Axis partner Livesound jumped at the opportunity to use an Adamson E15 system – developed as part of the company’s ongoing Project Energia – for this year’s Gurten Festival in Bern, Switzerland.

Since Swiss PA hire company Livesound became an Adamson Y-Axis partner in 2005, they have traditionally used Y18’s on the main stage at Gurten Fest in Bern, Switzerland. This year’s festival saw an opening for Livesound to take on Adamson’s new E15’s system – developed as part of the company’s ongoing Project Energia – who jumped at the chance. The E15 system was dispatched from the UK to Adamson’s Hamburg warehouse in Germany, where it was prepped and shipped to Switzerland. Sound design and system setup was headed by Livesound’s Sven Gerber, supported by Jochen Sommer of Adamson Europe GmbH. The Festival’s main stage saw artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Snow Patrol, Norah Jones, The Roots, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, and Gorillaz Sound System perform. The main system consisted of 24 Adamson E15’s, 15 Adamson T21 subs which were divided into two stacks of six enclosures left and right of the stage, with three cabinets in the center, eight Adamson SpekTrix used as out fills, and eight more for near and lip fills. Eight Adamson Y18’s were used on delay towers behind the FOH position. On the B-Stage, the Zeltbühne or “Tent Stage” 16 Adamson Y10’s were used as the mains which were complimented by 20 Adamson SpekTrix Subs for low-end and SpekTrix and SpekTrix W’s for delays. “The (Adamson E15’s) got raving feedback from many engineers of acts such as Snow Patrol, Norah Jones, Nick Brave and the backbeats, Casper, Züri West, and Lenny Kravitz,” said Sommer. Kaspar “Tropf” Philip Wiens, FOH Engineer for Jan Delay, added he’d love to take the festival’s combo of E15’s with T21 subs on tour: “They provide a very transparent sound with a well-defined spatial separation of source, with amazing vocal definition – even with an artist like Jan Delay whose voice is complex to mix. From a sonic point of view I would rate the Gurten Festival among the top 3 Jan Delay shows ever.”